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Natural Justice Matters

Being told your visa will be cancelled or that your visa application will be refused can be a scary and confronting issue to face.

Unless you are outside of Australia, the Department of Home Affairs must give you an opportunity to respond before cancelling your visa. The same opportunity must be afforded to you if any adverse information arises that may be the reason or part of the reason as to why your visa application will be refused. This is called natural justice.

Our immigration lawyers regularly respond to natural justice letters and have a strong track record in preventing visa cancellations and refusals in complex cases. Our lawyers are passionate advocates and will assist you in outlining your case clearly and comprehensively.

Natural justice letters often outline a timeframe in which you must respond. Therefore, it is important for you to promptly seek legal advice in these situations or you risk a decision being made prior to you providing a response. If you receive a natural justice letter but do not think you can respond in time, you can (in most cases) contact the Department for an extension.

In the event that your visa is cancelled or application is refused, our lawyers can assist you in exploring avenues of appeal and can provide representation at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and Courts.

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If you have received a letter from the Department purporting to cancel your visa or refuse your visa application, please contact our office.